A frame from the film

(c) Skorpion Arte / photo: Jacek Drygała

A frame from the film

(c) Skorpion Arte / photo: Jacek Drygała

A frame from the film

(c) Skorpion Arte / photo: Jacek Drygała

filming location

(c) Skorpion Arte / photo: Jacek Drygała

On October 25, 2013 was the last shooting day of All About My Parents, a film co-produced by All Muses!

Huge amount of work behind us, but perhaps even more ahead of us, because we're getting closer and closer to the release (end of 2014). We are honoured to be working with Marcin Krzyształowicz (the director) and the cast includes Agata Kulesza, Adam Woronowicz, Karolina Gruszka, Krystyna Janda, Łukasz Simlat oraz Marian Dziędziel. Michał Englert took care of photography and other people on the team are Wojciech Mrówczyński (Editor), Piotr Domaradzki (sound), Marek Zawierucha (set design), Katarzyna Lewinska (costumes), Dominika Dylewska (make up) and Michał Woźniak (composer).

And the part of All Muses in this production…

We are responsible for what we love – MUSIC.

The situation is unique because the music has been created (in electronic form) before the image and we can boast of being the source of inspiration for the director (and impressed by his musical sensitivity)

The recording sessions are in progress - Computer sound is replaced by the music recorded created by live musicians. As usual, we work with the best musicians:

AUKSO Chamber Orchestra of Tychy
Under the direction of Marek Moś

Musicians soloists:

Katarzyna Mleczko - flute,
Marek Mleczko - oboe,
Roman Widaszek - clarinet,
Paweł Solecki - bassoon,
Leszek Szczerba - saxophones,
Przemysław Sokół - trumpet, trombone, French horn,
Jacek Królik- guitar, ukulele,
Wojciech Fedkowicz - drums
Robert Kubiszyn - double bass, bass guitar,
Agnieszka Koziarowska - vocal
Michal Wozniak - viola, piano, voice, electronics, programming, copyist

Music recording:

Alvernia Studios
Sound engineering - Piotr Witkowski

Studio 2002
Sound engineering - Alexander Wolf

Fearless Hunters Sounds
Sound engineering - Dariusz Grela

Mixed and mastered by Michal Wozniak

First guitar: Jacek Królik

AUKSO Chamber Orchestra conducted by Marek Moś

Composed Michal Wozniak and Directed Marcin Krzyształowicz

Photography by Łukasz Łuszczek

Movie Distributor: Kino Świat
Production: Scorpion Arte Sp. z o.o.