Polish Music Spring


Polish Music Spring

Polish Music Spring - CD

Concert of Polish musicians in Beijing ended their spring tour in China!

The Polish Baltic Frederic Chopin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Ernst van Tiel performed international classical music, including works by contemporary composers: Janusz Bielecki and Guan Xia.

The concerts of the tour also presented works by Wojciech Kilar, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Ottorino Respighi and Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The musicians performed in 5 metropolis - significant centres of cultural and economic development of China: Shanghai, Changsha, Nanjing, Xiamen and Beijing.

In China, Liu Keqing was responsible for organizing the tour on behalf of the China-Europe-America International Cuture & Trade Arts Agency. He is not only an outstanding soloist (baritone), but also a respected and successful producer of large musical events. He co-organized, among others, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

A unique CD will be produced to commemorate this event, including the following compositions performed by the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra:

Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Fantasy-Overture "Romeo and Juliet"
Guan XIA: Requiem for the Earth
Ottorino RESPIGHI: La boutique fantasque
Janusz Bielecki: Symphony of the Senses

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Watch the recording of the first concert in China. This performance of the orchestra opened the Spring International Music Festival.


Guan Xia: Requiem for the Earth
Janusz Bielecki: Symphony of the Senses
Ottorino Respighi: La boutique fantasque
Pyotr Ilytch Tchaikovsky: Fantasy-Overture "Romeo and Juliet"
Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki: Three Pieces in Old Style
Wojciech Kilar: Orava


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