Lullabies for Sweet Dreams


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Lullabies is an album by Agnieszka Koziarowska, resulting from musical cooperation with Jarosław Kaganiec and Janusz Bielecki.

All of the lyrics on the album Lullabies directed above all to young listeners were written by Agnieszka. Some the proposed contents are universal and can soothe listeners of any age. The music on this unique CD is a collection of delicate and moving melodies which reinforce the message in Agnieszka's texts:

The night is playing music, surrounding you like a warm wind, carrying you to a land of sweet dreams …

The CD will also play a significant role in a charity event to be carried out in cooperation with the "O ZDROWIE DZIECKA" Foundation of the University Children's Hospital in Krakow. Beneficiaries of the action will be the hospital's patients, for whom medical equipment will be bought with the funds collected.


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