About us

We are a group of experienced people who have joined forces to create an art agency. We organize concert tours, produce films and music recordings, and manage artists. We perform activities connected with distribution, education and artistic development.

We have created a new team in which we now have the opportunity to develop our immense, amongst other things, international experiences. Employees of our agency have been co-creators of the following projects and events, to name only a few:
  • Screen & Sound Fest - Let's See the Music 2013,
  • Children's Melodies concert tour,
  • Polish-Belgian concerts,
  • Grechuta Festival,
  • Concerts of Janusz Bielecki's chamber and symphonic music in foreign countries (such as Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China).
The people who have created All Muses function like a successful music group: they are talented at creating dynamic and emotionally charged events with attendance guaranteed. In their collaborations, they rely on pure sounds and harmonious action. They manage to achieve beautiful sounds thanks to appropriate proportions of mutually complementary abilities.


Screen & Sound Fest - Let's See the Music 2013, conducted by William Goldstein / photo nicKram.com

The Mission of All Muses

The professionalising of passions, concern for quality and motivation towards constant development – for both artists and viewers created the foundation of All Muses.

We are also interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to creativity and connection of various forms of expression. In our projects to date, we have striven to build a meeting space for virtuosos, authorities and people for whom music is a passion, though not necessarily a profession.

All Muses agency cooperates with the following partners:
Bielecki Art Foundation, Super Krak (JSC), the Frederic Chopin Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra, the China-Europe-America International Kultur & Handels (LLC) and Mayland Real Estate (LLC).


SuperKrak Fundacja Bielecki Art Polska Filharmonia Bałtycka Agencja China-Europa-America International Kultur & Handels GmbH Mayland Real Estate Sp. z o.o. KIJÓW CENTRUM