The basis of our efficacy is the ability to cooperate well with a wide range of partners. In our projects, both past and those currently in progress, our partners, include:

  • Alvernia Studios (LLC)
  • Apollo Film (LLC) (Kijów.Centrum)
  • China-Europe-America International Kultur & Handels (LLC)
  • Bielecki Art Foundation
  • "O ZDROWIE DZIECKA" Foundation of the University Children's Hospital of Krakow
  • Hotel Swing (LLC)
  • Mayland Real Estate (LLC)
  • Beethoven Academy Orchestra
  • Aquapark in Krakow (JSC)
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Polish Baltic Frederic Chopin Philharmonic Orchestra in Gdansk
  • Skorpion Arte (LLC)
  • Super Krak (JSC)
  • The Engineers Band